Eyal Ron Ronkin
Eyal Ron Ronkin is the CEO of IKAR, since 2003. Eyal is responsible for leading the business, technology and marketing direction of IKAR seamless garment design and manufacturing activity. Read More
Dmitri Bolotin
Dmitri Bolotin is the CTO of IKAR, since 2011. Dimitri is responsible for leading IKAR advanced seamless textile technologies and textile innovations.

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Amit Ronkin
IKAR VP Business Development
Amit Ronkin is VP of Business Development at IKAR, since 2010. Amit is responsible for customer acquisition and new business prospecting at IKAR.
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Mike Parnes
Managing Director North America
My name is Mike Parnes, and I am the Managing Directory in North America for Ikar, since 2015. I received my BA in Political Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder CO USA. Read more..
Natalie Kaufman
IKAR Director of Operations & Customer Service
Natalie Kaufman is responsible for seamless garment design manufacturing operations management and the servicing of IKAR customers.   Read More
Vasili Boyoko
IKAR Technical Manager
Vasili Boyoko serves as the Technical Manager at IKAR’s China office, since 2012. Vasili is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of IKAR seamless garment on-site manufacturing in China. Read More
Sivan Abuhav
Managing Director Europe
Sivan Abuhav is in charge of all seamless garment production for European customers. Starting at design stage, through production, QA and shipping procedures.
Alona Grossman
R&D and Design Manager
Alona Grossman is the R&D and Design Manager at IKAR, since 2017. Alona is responsible for creating new innovative collections, presentations and support in all Design aspects.