At IKAR we are invested in innovation.

Our ability to turn an apparel idea into a quality seamless garment that is both affordable and attracts buyer’s attention is grounded in our organizational infrastructure that promotes innovation.

IKAR’s multi-disciplinary and integrated team of researchers, textile technologists, designers, quality assurance and business development are constantly working on innovative developments from developing special fibers, creating unique textile textures and improving wearability and comfort of seamless garments.

The significance of innovation and creativity are critical, starting with the selection of fibers that will make up the garment. The extensive experience of IKAR’s CEO in the world of fiber import/export combined with the expertise and solutions offered by IKAR’s CTO create a robust offering for our customers.

At IKAR our innovative advantage includes:
• A wide variety of Santoni machines, enabling the handling of small garment sizes (e.g. children- 11’’ machines).
• Contact with fiber and yarn manufacturers worldwide, keeping IKAR updated and enabling the continuity of work, even when the required raw materials are not available in the manufacturing country.
• Factory monitoring and quality assurance by IKAR representatives throughout the production process and prior to shipment.
• Selection of vertical manufacturing sites that offer: knitting, dyeing, finishing, sewing, packaging and shipment.
• Extensive global experience in the seamless field, including the development of manufacturing programs as pink, VSX, active wear, shape wear, etc.
• The ability to control price based on extensive experience in the purchase of raw materials for the textile industry in the seamless field.
• Innovative technology, enabling the development of unique yarns and seamless products, including:

– Dying contrast colors of a garment in a single regular atmosphere dying process.
– Using bare spandex to achieve a lighter weight fabric, softer and stretchable from each side.
– Flat shiny fibers/yarns.
– Bright flat heather fibers/yarns.
– Combination of matte and bright shiny fibers/yarns.
– Multiple textile prints: screen print, heat transfer prints, glitter prints.