IKAR Advantages

IKAR’s unique yarns, fibers and dying techniques – deliver the highest quality seamless garments for your products. Three decades of experience with yarns, fibers and producing seamless garments, combined with innovative design and manufacturing power in China make us a global leader in seamless garments.

IKAR research and design teams have special seamless design capabilities – all dedicated to the development of your products.

Our technology, manufacturing and quality assurance team are on site China, delivering seamless garment expertise throughtout the production process.

We work with highly experienced seamless garment factories in the Zhejiang Province. Each factory is carefully selected in order to ensure a match between our customer’s needs and the factory’s capabilities. We work with multiple factories to ensure flexibility and maintains the highest technical capabilities and capacity.
We work only with factories that meet the highest certification and inspection level (BSCI, WRAP) for the US & European markets, this guarantees that the clients can start producing straight away.

We do not believe in foreign management of Chinese factories. Instead we leave local management to run the factory and IKAR manages the seamless garment manufacturing processes, on site with our dedicated teams.

As a company that focused on sourcing, IKAR is extremely efficient and spreads workload between the most essential personal, allowing us to offer competitive final pricing to our clients.
We work with diverse spinning mills around the world, and are always up to date regarding the latest yarns and market trends, with access to a global network of suppliers. This allows us to develop a variety of seamless garments, from basic to sophisticated.

IKAR unique technologies include:

Special Yarns: Space dyed yarns; Heather bright yarns; Cationic dye able polyester yarns; Post industrial recycled nylon yarns; “Soft” bright/trilobal and round nylon yarns (textured and flat) ; Far IR effect performance yarns.

Advanced knitting, dyeing and printing: Use of bare spandex, “Eyelet” and “mesh” jacquard designs (all-over and placed designs). Dyed yarn knitted stripes (nylon/nylon, nylon/polyester, polyester/polyester combinations); Cross dyeing of nylon/polyester combined garment in one step or double step process; Dyeing of fluorescent/neon shades in nylon garments; Deep dye and tie dye effect capability; Screen and paper transfer printing on seamless tubes.