Dmitri Bolotin, IKAR CTO

My name is Dmitri Bolotin and I have served as CTO of IKAR Ltd. since 2011.
I studied production engineering/management and industrial technology, specializing in textile at the “Shenkar” College of Engineering and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Over the past 12 years, I have held research and production positions leading the development of special yarns, their application, heat setting processes, special dyeing and sewing technologies within the R&D departments of Israeli seamless manufacturing factories, operating over 500 seamless knitting machines and a large R&D department.
At IKAR I work with designers, providing technical support for account managers and IKAR's marketing team, and leading the strategic development of innovative new fabrics, yarns, and knitting/dyeing/sewing techniques.
I focus on translating design/marketing ideas to viable bulk garment production process while ensuring that the finished product has a competitive price.
I also visit Chinese factories on a regular basis to lead and instruct them regarding developments/mass production and provide constant technical support to production sites, as one of the key elements of our strategic and logistical cooperation.
I work with both IKAR's clients and its marketing team to provide the best technical and price-targeted solutions for our clients.