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IKAR Ltd. is one of the most advanced and innovative seamless apparel design manufacturing companies.

IKAR’s professional services and our strong research and development department work with customers from preliminary garment design stages, through development and manufacturing processes, delivering tailored seamless garments.

IKAR extends leading solutions for high quality seamless garment manufacturing, that can be mass produced to meet competitive target pricing for our customers. We also offer unique solutions for high-end product lines.

IKAR’s helps our customers successfully achieve their seamless garment manufacturing needs:

IKAR knowledge, experience and innovation.
Our leading seamless garment capabilities are derived from advanced textile technologies and manufacturing capabilities and the constant updating of new methods of seamless production techniques.

IKAR manufacturing and production strength.
IKAR unrivaled manufacturing capabilities combine the mass production strengths of global manufacturing and a team of experts at IKAR who oversee sourcing, quality control, efficiency, responsiveness and customer service.

IKAR customer management (distributor and retailer) –
IKAR customer management is grounded in market and industry understanding, the ability to develop and produce quality products at competitive prices, while maintaining flexibility, efficient production and swift shipping.

The leading global brands you know and trust rely on IKAR’s unique seamless garment development and production capabilities for high quality and comfort apparel.